31 January 2009

INTERLUDE: Normal service will be resumed as soon as poissible

Diary commitments mean that there won't be many new postings for the next two weeks, but I very much hope that regular visitors will come back to see what's on offer in the second half of February.

The heading will strike a chord with anyone who remembers BBC TV in the 1950s, when there were no other television channels, and when management hadn't realised that gaps between programmes could be filled with endless trailers of forthcoming delights in store for viewers.

In those days, we were treated to INTERLUDES. This usually meant having to watch boring films of a repetitively revolving potter's wheel, rotating sails on a windmill or waves breaking on a beach - but one notable exception was the 51 mile train journey from London to Brighton in 4 minutes.

A selection of other less action-packed footage can be seen here.

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