11 January 2009

Slidomania epidemic contaminates another BBC channel

It’s not just BBC televison news programmes that are being infected by PowerPoint-style presentations from newsreaders and reporters (see blog entries on 23 October & 26 October, 2008).

Tonight’s BBC Parliament Channel featured an interview with Gerald Scarfe, arguably the finest cartoonist of his generation, about his new book – a chance, you might think, to show us a few nice pictorial examples of his talent – but why do that when it also gives you a chance to film him in front of some completely pointless and extremely distracting graphics?

Fascinating though it would have been to see the sketches of Sarah Palin he mentions, the slidomaniacs in charge of the programme seem to think that a conversation with Scarfe is so boring (which it isn’t) that we must be supplied with some brightly coloured swirling graphics to keep us awake.

1 comment:

Ales said...

Well, im convinced the news (whether BBC or others) are more about emotions arousing and implementing specific beliefs than spreading information.

Its entertainment, not education!

Have you ever try to watch news without sound? And also just listening TV news without picture? You get entirely different feeling. Its so incongruent.

Why is it so ill leave open as it would be just speculation.