25 March 2009

Daniel Hannan v. Gordon Brown at the European Parliament

Gordon Brown’s speech to the European Parliament yesterday got fairly wide media coverage, but there’s been little or no mention of a powerful response to it by Daniel Hannan, a Tory MEP for South East England.

Less than 24 hours later, Hannan’s speech has had 22,106 viewings on YouTube and has attracted 208 (mostly favourable) comments.* A link to the speech has also already appeared on the page about him on Wikipedia

If evidence were needed that it’s worth posting speeches on YouTube, as I recently suggested the LibDems should be doing (HERE), then this is surely it.

It’s also encouraging to see that at least one young British politician is capable of crafting and delivering an impressive 3 minute speech - and raises the question of why we don't get to see more of the European Parliament on TV.

* UPDATE 4 HOURS LATER: these scores have now gone up to 36,748 viewings and 833 comments.

* UPDATE 10 HOURS LATER: these scores have now gone up to 167,779 viewings and 1,660 comments.

* UPDATE 14 HOURS LATER: these scores have now gone up to 316,779 viewings and 2,787 comments.

* UPDATE 24 HOURS LATER: these scores have now gone up to 660,691 viewings and 4,560 comments.

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Julien said...

I lost count of the numbers of puzzles and solutions, lists of three and contrasting pairs...not to mention the extended metaphors. A masterpiece of a speech.

In calling Gordon Brown the "devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Britain", Daniel Hannan was, of course, echoing a former Labour leader's remarks about a Conservative Prime Minister ("a devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government"): John Smith's first speech as Leader of the Opposition, speaking of John Major in September 1992.