17 May 2009

Sky Sports swindle

As the only sport I ever watch on television is test match cricket, I had no choice a few years ago but to start paying Sky's very high monthly charge for Sky Sports 1.

This weekend, for the umpteenth time, my attempts to see the current test match were thwarted by the fact that it is only being broadcast on Sky Sports 2 - and, for the privilege of watching it, they're trying to get me to pay even more than I'm already paying.

If Sky is allowed to outbid the BBC and Channel 4 for the television rights to test match cricket, they could at least have the decency to put it out on Sky Sports 1.

As they do not, I've decided to cancel my subscription and make do with BBC radio's ball-by-ball coverage and/or the BBC internet test match service.

The good news is that I've saved myself £15.17 per month, and I'd strongly recommend other dissatisfied customers to do likewise.

P.S. Three years later: If Sky Sports subscriptions haven't gone up during this time (which they almost certainly will have done), this excellent decision has now saved me at least £546.12. 

And, in the meantime, I've discovered various sites on the internet where you can watch Sky Sports cricket coverage for £0.00.


Anonymous said...

You've also saved yourself the absolute drivel of Nasser Hussein and gained Geoffrey Boycott.

Nah that's a bargain, lad!

Jonathan said...

The same reason why despite being a cricket lover, I have always resisted Mr Murdoch's money spinning enterprise ... it's the principle of the thing... And some people pay 3 times over for some Sky offerings ... 1) subscription, 2) Advertising, 3) Pay per view.

Well done Max.