21 June 2009


I have to go to Frankfurt this evening to run a two-day course on Monday and Tuesday.

The recent revelations about MPs' expenses have got me wondering whether I include enough of my outgoings when invoicing clients, as well as whether I should be setting more of my expenses against tax.

Short journeys like this one, for example, mean buying cups of tea, coffee and snacks that I can never be bothered to include in my invoices, even though I wouldn't have had to spend any of this money had I not been on my way to do a job for a client.

And, having just bought a new case that's big enough to take all my equipment, shirts, etc,. but small enough to count as hand baggage and save me time waiting at luggage carousels, does this count as a 'business expense' that can be legitimately set against tax?

Thanks to our elected representatives, I feel a visit to my accountant coming on...


Rowan Manahan said...


I suspect you are not being anywhere near creative enough in your claims. My favourite example of this came from a client who is an accountant. He runs a home office in his converted 2-story garage.

He has, with the agreement of the Irish Revenue Service, allocated his labrador as 33% loving family pet and 67% vicious attack dog to protect his premises. Thus, he writes off 67% of his Pedigree Chum, Winalot, doggie bones and veterinary bills.

And I thought I had a creative streak ...

Max Atkinson said...

Nice idea, Rowan, but the trouble is that we have a Whippet who's so docile that she doesn't even know how to growl - so I really don't think my conscience would allow me to try and get away with that one!