22 July 2009

Gordon Brown's tough decisions and/or rehearsal for defeat

In case you missed Gordon Brown’s last press conference before the Summer recess, here’s the ‘Top Story’ on the No 10 website today:

Government taking “tough decisions” on economy – PM
The Government has taken “tough decisions” to tackle the recession and reduce its impact, the Prime Minister has said.

Speaking at his final Downing Street press conference before the summer recess, Gordon Brown said it was a challenging time for the country, but ministers had put in place “considerable” measures to help British businesses and families.

The Prime Minister also set out what the Government is doing to prepare for an increase in swine flu cases, and took questions on Afghanistan.

Read more: Government taking “tough decisions” on economy - PM

Curiously, if you do click to read more, you won’t find any mention of a question about tomorrow's Norwich North by-election.

Luckily, however, the Channel 4 News website does show us the the question and 'answer' under the headline ‘a rehearsal for by-election defeat’.

Here's how reporter Gary Gibbon introduces the video:

'Gordon Brown at his press conference just now sounded like a man rehearsing his lines for Friday when Norwich North looks like getting a Tory MP.

'He said he thought “people do understand the uniqueness of this by-election” in answer (or rather in reply) to a question about why he deselected Ian Gibson.'

See what you think:

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Anonymous said...

Gordon brown is always taking 'tough decisions', although I dont think anyone anywhere knows exactly what these decisions are. Again this is just another soundbite, it means absolutely nothing other than to make him sound good and or look good. What a hero. His latest brilliant one was to say that Labour have brought an end to the recession! ha! if only anyone knew just how little power these people have to combat recession. They know that there is nothing that can be done other then to lewt it run its course. Recessions happen for a reason, they are a natural consequence of economics. to Gordon Brown all I can say is FYTP!