4 July 2009

Is the 'Daily Telegraph' borrowing from blogs?

Three days ago, I ended my post about the words used by Jack Straw to justify his rejection of the Parole Board's recommendation about Ronnie Biggs by referring to:

.. a government that knows a thing or two about being 'wholly unrepentant' about its actions and has 'outrageously courted the media'.

In today's Daly Telegraph, Vicki Woods picks out exactly the same phrases from Mr Straw to make much the same point:

The Parole Board's not unreasonable recommendation this week that Ronnie Biggs should be released on licence was overturned by Jack Straw because Biggs was "wholly unrepentant" and "outrageously courted the media". Sounds like the life and times of Gordon Brown, eh?

In my post on Wednesday, I said that keeping him in prison was pouring taxpayers' money 'down the drain'.

Today, Vicki Woods tells us that releasing him would be 'better value for money'.

Is this just a coincidence, I wonder, or are Daily Telegraph journalists touring blogs like this one to pick up ideas for their coulmns?

If the latter, I'd like the Telegraph (and any other newspaper that might be interested) to know that I'd be more than willing to convert some of my posts into a regular column for them - and that it might even be 'better value for money' than employing the likes of Ms Woods.

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