18 July 2009

Rhetoric revival?

In case you missed Sal Pinto's comment on a recent post, he's drawn attention to the news that a new MA course in Rhetoric is about to be launched by a British University, full details of which can be inspected by following the links from HERE.

As he says, "Progress!".

The picture, by the way is of one of the 'old schools' in Oxford, not the University of Central Lancashire where the new MA will be taught.

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pintosal said...

In the days of ancient Greece and Rome, Politicians used to spend 6 or more years studying rhetoric and associated physical voice and body techniques.

I don't think even an MA will treat Rhetoric with anywhere near that depth and rigour.

The good news for modern business and public speakers is that the 80/20 rule more than applies.

There are some 200 rhetorical devices identified. But, as Max's analysis in Lend Me Your Ears or Our Masters' Voices points out, you only need 4 or 5, which are most effective, most easily learned, and most easily applied.

These are: List of 3, Contrasts, Repetition and Rhetorical Questions.

Simply re-casting a presentation or a speech with some well chosen examples of the above will yield a tremendous improvement.