2 December 2009

Speechwriters' Christmas drinks + a speech worth watching

I've just had an email from Brian Jenner reminding people that the UK Speechwriters' Guild Christmas drinks party will be held from 7.00 p.m. on Thursday 10 December in the Theatre Bar of the Victoria, 10a Strathearn Place, London, W2 (and to which members are invited to bring a guest).

Brain also attached a link to the best presentation he saw this year (below) and asks if anyone else has any other great speeches to which they'd like to draw attention - suggestions to him or in comments below.

1 comment:

John said...

Just a comment, rather than a suggestion.

The fellow doesn't blink once! It would be unwise to emulate, or coach, but I do wonder whether this is a consequence of being completely focussed on the subject and the audience? I think you mentioned a similar trait in Tony Benn recently.

The best speech I saw this year was live, by an MD in THe City who spoke for twenty minutes without appearing to use any techniques whatsoever. Subtle, and passionate. The best.