20 January 2010

Blogger video problem

The following 'Blogger Status' announcement appeared late last night (UK time).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Users are experiencing problems playing videos in Blogger blogs. We are investigating and will send an update when fixed.

Posted by Siobhan at 22:50

Visitors can check the current situation by clicking on the Blogger Status link above.

Meanwhile, I'm sorry that no one will be able to see any of the videos (other than the embedded ones) until Google/Blogger get their act together, and hope that you'll return once the problem has been resolved - which I'll post on Twitter in due course.

And, if you're thinking about starting a blog and can't decide between Blogger and Wordpress, this depressing news is yet another reason why you should chose the latter, and why some of us are planning to migrate there from Blogger.


MKL said...

I am equally upset about all these issues Blogger has, but I don't see myself going to wordpress.. Feels like I betrayed my family :P

dreamingspire said...

As The Bristol Blogger found, the Wordpress Ts & Cs say that they can take down your blog without contacting you in advance if they receive a complaint that they consider serious enough. The BB was recently taken down because the legal officer of University of Liverpool complained about material posted on The BB in 2007 about the then VC of UWE who is now VC at Liverpool. As The BB later reported, when he pointed out that the material had also been published in the dead tree press, he was allowed to have his blog back again as long as the offending articles were removed. The BB has now temporarily closed his blog to rebuild it under his own control. WTF is it anything to do with the U of L, 'cos the man wasn't at U of L when the material was published?