22 January 2010

Senator Scott Brown shows how to use a newspaper as a visual aid

Scott Brown, the Republican who's just won the seat in the US Senate formerly held by the late Teddy Kennedy, has been hailed as an accomplished speaker - as in Bert Decker's blog under the heading New Communicator Bursts on the Scene.

His victory speech included another nice example of how effective it can be to use an object, even something as simple and mundane as a newspaper, as a visual aid (for more on which, see below the video clip).

It's interesting to note how quickly his holding it up in the air turns the chanting into cheers and applause, which then continue long enough for him to be able to complete a 360 degree circle before starting to speak again.

Notice also how the audience's reaction is finely coordinated with his movements - with the ovation starting to subside as he gets back to where he started from and puts the newspaper down on the lectern.


1 comment:

Jeremy said...

Our attention spans are so short we are used to visual aids. The newspaper acted as the "applause" signal to the audience, as if it were the bible. Great job Scott Brown!

The victory of Scott Brown just fuels the progression to reclaiming power from the Washington elite and demand that Congress “get the message” about accountability http://ow.ly/ZozI