17 March 2010

Using 'clap on the name' to introduce or commend someone

This is a sequel to yesterday's post on How NOT to introduce a speaker, and shows some more examples of the 'clap on the name technique' in action.

In the first one, Michael Parkinson is introducing the next guest on his chat show.

(1) Identify or hint at the person's identity:
".. her latest film, 'In the Cut', is dark and erotic."

(2) Say a few words about him/her:
"She’s a writer who becomes involved with a detective investigating a serial killer. Ladies and Gentlemen"

(3) Name him/her:
"Meg Ryan" [Applause/cheers].

The second example shows how the 'clap on the name' technique doesn't just work for introductions, but is also just as effective when you're congratulating or commending someone.

In this clip, Barack Obama is commending John Kerry at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

(1) Identify or hint at the person's identity:
"Our party has chosen a man to lead us"

(2) Say a few words about him/her:
"who embodies the best this country has to offer, and that man is"

(3) Name him/her:
"John Kerry" [Applause/cheers].

1 comment:

Fred E. Miller said...

The introduction is an integral part of the speech.

It answers three questions:
1. WHY this subject?
2. WHY this speaker?
3. WHY now?

Write your own introduction.

Review, and even rehearse it with the person who will be presenting you.

Yes - It's that important!