2 May 2010

BBC website provides a superb resource for students of the TV debates

I'd strongly recommend fellow anoraks and/or anyone interested in taking a detailed look at the third and final TV debate, to visit to one of the most useful resources I've yet seen - posted HERE on the BBC website.

Key moments in text and video not only combines a transcript with the video of the whole debate, but you can click on any part of the transcript and be taken straight to the video sequence to which it relates.

If this kind of technology had been available back in the 1980s when I started work on Our Masters' Voices (for which I had to tape and transcribe all the excerpts myself) I reckon I could have written the book in at least a tenth of the time that it actually took.

This resource would be even better if you could copy segments from the video, but I've yet to work out how to do that. If you know the secret, please let me know.

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