25 May 2010

Is Nick Robinson pompous and patronising - and, if so, why?

After watching the State Opening of Parliament earlier today, I was sufficiently struck by some of the contributions by their political editor to post a question on Twitter:

'Just watched BBC Queen's speech coverage & wonder if I'm alone in finding Nick Robinson a pompous patronising twerp?'

I was surprised (and reassured) when quite a few people quickly responded to confirm that I was by no means the only one on whom he'd had that effect.

This got me wondering just what it was about his contributions to the discussion that could have given rise to such an impression. Here's part of the sequence that prompted my question about Robinson.

If he also strikes you as 'pompous' and/or 'patronising', the analytic challenge is to identify what it was about the way he spoke that can be interpreted in such a way, at least by some of us:

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