31 May 2010

Michael Gove: calling all teachers, governors and parents

If you're a teacher, governor or parent who hasn't yet seen seen Michael Gove's letter about his highly controversial, unproven and rather expensive scheme to turn schools into 'academies', here he is inviting you all on to jump on to his barmy bandwagon:

If you wonder why I think that he and/or the plan is barmy, see my previous post on the subject.

Nor am I alone in having serious doubts about it, as you can see in Gove's claim to be 'freeing' schools is a cloak for more control from the centre by Simon Jenkins of The Guardian.

And, over the last few days, interesting discussions of the issue have been developing HERE and HERE.


Anonymous said...

Having Michael "I am a banana" Gove in charge of education worries me very much.

Here's what I wrote about it: http://tinyurl.com/2wjlfvw

And here's my slightly more flippant take on the subject: http://twitpic.com/1t9prt

Add to that, of course, what he's planning to do with the history curriculum (as covered by Johann Hari) and I'm terrified of the man.

elmyra (I'd sign in but OpenID is not playing ball)

Max Atkinson said...

Anon - thanks for this. Good to know I'm not alone on this one. And I've put a link to what you wrote at the bottom of the original post.

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