5 August 2010

600 Blogposts: thanks, reflections and requests

I’ve just noticed that the previous post was the 600th since I started the blog in September 2008.

Without a steadily increasing number of visitors, I doubt if I’d have carried on for this long – so many thanks to all of you who've given me an incentive to carry on (at least for a bit longer).

Reaching this landmark prompted me to look more closely than usual at the results from my hidden visitor counter.

Return visits
Particularly encouraging was the discovery that 17% of the visitors to the blog are 'returning visitors' - among whom I should record special thanks to the record-holder, who's now made 478 return visits to the site.

I should also put on record my thanks to leading bloggers like Iain Dale, Guido Fawkes, and John Rentoul - links from whom always result in a spectacular increase in the number of hits.

Google search terms
I've also been reasonably encouraged by what people have typed into Google to find their way here. As you'll see from this list of the most recent ones, they lead people to some of the recurring themes of the blog:
  • Obama 2008 victory speech rhetorics
  • Have you ever been denied a U.S. visa or entry into the U.S.
  • neil kinnock height
  • ceremony Acceptance Speeches
  • cartoons about body language
  • brown book
  • barack obama inauguration speech techniques
  • imagery in speeches
  • debunking body language experts
  • rhetoric + obama's victory speech
  • communication statistics percent body language vs speech
  • does the taller candidate win in UK elections?
  • communication cartoon blog
  • award ceremony speeches in public speaking
  • queen's speach at un july 2010
  • margaret thatcher public image
  • inspiring speeches
  • ronald reagan and teleprompter
  • peter sellers speech about nothing
  • Nelson Mandela Release Speech
  • body language cartoon
  • personification in barack obama inauguration speech
  • statesman speeches
  • margaret thatcher charisma
  • obama;s victory speech analysis
  • lists of three
  • communication is 50% tone,40% body language and 10%
  • rhetoric techniqus used in obama this is our time speech
  • non verbal communication videos
  • "little miss muffet" "dudley moore"
  • margaret thatcher voice training
  • labour leadership candidates in order of height
What's missing?
One thing I notice that doesn't appear in these recent Google searches are words like 'PowerPoint' and 'visual aids', both of which are discussed at length in my recent books and in quite a few blog posts. Also absent are words relating to research into everyday conversation.

So perhaps these are areas on which I should do some more blogging in the weeks and months ahead.

But most important from my point of view would be to hear of any suggestions that you might have about how to improve the blog, and especially about which kinds of post you like the best.

I'd also welcome any ideas about how to attract (and retain) more new visitors to the blog.

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Lisa Braithwaite said...

Congratulations, Max! Keep up the good work!