2 August 2010

Davos Meets Glastonbury: The UK Speechwriters’ Guild Conference

The world’s top speechwriters and thought leaders will gather in Bournemouth, UK, for a day of speeches and socialising on Friday 17 September, 2010.

The Second ‘Leadership & Communication’ Conference organised by the UK Speechwriters’ Guild will focus on the theme, How do leaders deliver the good news and the bad?

“Speechwriting is a misunderstood role. Many people think that the fact that a politician uses a speechwriter is just another example of their deviousness.” says Guild organiser, Brian Jenner.

“Appointing a speechwriter helps you find clarity, where often there is none. Journalists have sub-editors, authors have agents, speakers need speechwriters.

“Also, every organisation needs a story. Once you’ve got the core story right, every other communication springs from that. So you can’t Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or write compelling e-newsletters until you know what you’re about, and what you’re trying to do. That’s why the in-house speechwriter is becoming more and more common.”

This year’s speakers include Jeff Shesol, (former Clinton speechwriter), Edward Mortimer (former speechwriter to Kofi Annan), Martin Broughton, (Chairman of British Airways, Winner of the UKSG Business Communicator of the Year 2010), Max Atkinson (former speechwriter to Lord Ashdown and author of Lend Me Your Ears). Phil Collins (former speechwriter to Tony Blair) and Charles Crawford (Former Foreign Office Diplomat) and Hugo Summerson (former MP).

The day will also include an expert training session in smaller groups. The price is £168 for the day including a buffet lunch and refreshments. You can find out more HERE - or contact Brian Jenner direct for more details:

Tel +44 (0)1202 551257
Mob +44 (0)7976 720705

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