6 September 2010

20th 'LibDem' blog in the 2010 Total Politics poll

I'd like to thank everyone whose votes took this blog into the top 20 LibDem blogs in the 2010 Total Politics poll - 36 places higher than its first appearance in 2009.

As I said then, 'I can only assume that the votes came from people old enough to remember the days when I was invoved as speech advisor/writer/coach to former LibDem leader Paddy Ashdown - and who think (incorrectly) that I carried on in a similar capacity with all the leaders since then' ... (continued HERE).

Last year, I was so surprised to see it appear as a 'LibDem' blog at all that I began to worry whether I'd gone astray (HERE):

'Yesterday's news about being voted the 56th Liberal Democrat blog has really got me wondering whether I've been more partisan than I'd realised - given that I do try, most of the time, to be reasonably objective. I'm also quite happy that it's isted as 'non-aligned' in the Total Politics magazine's types of political blogs.'

This year, I'm delighted that the blog has risen even higher in the same poll, and am much more relaxed to see it listed as 'LibDem' than I was last year.

This is not because I think it's any less 'non-aligned' than it was then, but because, I was emailed during the poll about whether I wanted it to be categorised as 'LibDem or something else'. I replied that I didn't mind, and suggested that they should put it in whichever category it reached the highest position.

But there have been quite a few posts likely to have been of special interest to LibDems during the year - either because they mention LibDem politicians and/or discuss video clips of them in action.

If that's played a part in elevating the blog into the Top 20, I'm very pleased. And, having just re-read them all again, I don't think any of them can be said to be particularly 'partisan'.

See what you think (posts in italics include video clips):

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