5 September 2010

Sky News Labour leadership debate: how much can you say in 20 seconds?

Regular readers will know that, if I were a Labour Party member and/or entitled to vote in the leadership election, I would not be campaigning for Ed Miliband.

But I have gone on record to rate him as the most effective public speaker of the five candidates. He confirmed this again in his summing up at the end of today's Sky News debate (above).

You really would have thought that politicians at this level of seniority would not only know exactly how much they could say in the allotted 2o seconds, but would also be well enough prepared to say it before being interrupted by the chair (however feeble and ambiguous Adam Boulton's allowance of "about 20 seconds" may have been).

Ed Miliband was the only one who managed to pull it off with precision - and did so by wrapping up his closing statement with a neat little three-part list.


Anonymous said...

although he also took 30 seconds, even if not cut off!

Max Atkinson said...

Well spotted - maybe Boulton had forgotten his watch and/or just came in when he thought 'about 20 seconds' had gone by!