13 December 2010

Orwell Blog Prize, 2011: a request for help from readers

I've had an email suggesting that I should nominate this blog for the 2011 Orwell Blog Prize, details of which can be found HERE.

The entry form asks for a list 10 posts between 1 January and 31 December 2010 on which the judges can deliberate - which is all very well except for two rather obvious problems:
  1. There are 196 to select from (so far).
  2. Authors are never the best judges of their own work.
So I'd very much appreciate it if readers could let me know - either by email via 'complete profile' in the left-hand column or in the 'comments' section below - which post(s) you've liked the best, found most interesting, intriguing, instructive, amusing, etc.

If you've time to go back over the year, you can access a complete list of blog posts during 2010 via the link on the left.

Background from Owell Prize website
The Orwell Prize 2011 is now accepting entries, opening on Thursday 21st October 2010 and closing on Wednesday 19th January 2011. All work published for the first time between 1st January 2010 and 31st December 2010 is eligible. All entries must have a clear relationship with the UK or Ireland (which might include, but is not limited to, citizenship or residency of the author or the work being published first or only in the UK or Ireland) - (my emphases).

The Prize is self-nominating – somebody involved in the production of the work (author, journalist, blogger, publisher, agent or editor) must enter it. If you’ve come across some great political writing this year which you think should be considered, please contact the administrator or discuss on our blog.

Once the administrator has received your entry, you should receive a confirmation email. Please get in touch if you haven’t received one after a few days.

After the entry deadline has closed, a list of entries will be published on this website.


John said...

I really enjoy your blog, but I can't see an particular connection with Orwell.

Max Atkinson said...

Glad you enjoy the blog.

On your second point, if there is a connection with Orwell, it might be in the statement of his ambition as stated on their website: "Every year, we award prizes for the work – the book, the journalism and (since 2009) the blog – which comes closest to George Orwell’s ambition ‘to make political writing into an art’."

I'm not claiming I've succeeded in making an 'art' of political writing, though I might claim in my more optimistic moments, that I've made a bit of a 'science' of it, at least as far as certain themes are concerned.

The blog also appears to be regarded as a 'political' one by voters in Total Politics polls on political blogs and by the politics.co.uk web site, which recently posted rather a nice review of it at http://bit.ly/hKAJ5s.

What's more, it would never have entered my head to enter the competition had had the idea not been suggested to me, both last year and this, by one of the organisers of the Orwell prize.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a little dubious for the organisers to be soliciting entries for the prize?