20 June 2011

Another King's Speech: "Syrian soldiers & security personnel are innocent"

A couple of days after the Moroccan King's speech (HERE), President Assad of Syria has taken to the stage in another attempt to assure his people and the world what a reasonable chap he is.

Difficult though it is to compare two speakers of a language I don't understand, I can't help being rather more impressed by what the hereditary King Mohammed VI of Morocco had to say than by what the latest self-appointed member of the Assad family says in this clip.

If Syrian soldiers and security personnel are as innocent as he claims, do we take it that he's generously invoking the Eichmann defence on their behalf? "Only obeying orders" may be all that they're doing, but presumably they are orders that were issued by the genial Mr Assad and his henchmen.

P.S. a few months later:
Access to the above video has apparently been withdrawn - but you can watch an excerpt from another speech by the doomed dicatator here:

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