12 July 2011

Murdoch refuses to answer a question about the 'News of the World' on Fox News

As regular readers will know, I occasionally post interviews that strike me as interesting enough to share with a wider audience.

Today, while looking for something else on YouTube, I stumbled across this gem, broadcast about a year ago on News Corporation's Fox News (above).

The owner of the channel refuses to answer a question from one of his employees - whose deference towards his boss ("one of the biggest names there"; "Sir"; "No worries Mr Chairman, that's fine with me") is on a par with that shown by an interviewer from another age, who gave former prime minister Clement Attlee such an easy time more than half a century ago:



Andy M Turner said...

Very interesting and well spotted Max. What I find most shocking is Mr Murdoch's failure to recognise that he's overdone it with the hair die. Why doesn't his wife tell him?

Max Atkinson said...

Thanks Andy - Mrs Murdoch probably spends too much time at the gym practising her boxing to notice his hair.