25 September 2011

A comic analysis of Nick Clegg's rhetorical questions

The latest edition of the News Quiz on BBC Radio 4 included a perceptive analysis of Nick Clegg's use of rhetorical questions during his speech at last week's Liberal Democrat conference.

Yes it is.

Should the BBC be broadcasting this kind of stuff?
Yes it should.

Is this the kind of show that makes the licence fee worth paying?
Yes it is.

Can you listen to the whole programme again?
Yes you can (for another six days HERE).


Anonymous said...

I hadn't realised the News Quiz was back on: huzzah!

I hope that annoying Jeremy isn't still a perminant pannel member. He seemed to derail everything toward a political rally last series.

Roger said...

Since the departure of Simon Hoggart and the late great Alan Coren I'd say Jeremy Hardy is the only reason left to listen to the News Quiz.

(I do find some of his politics literally puerile - but unlike the similarly inclined Mark Steel and Mark Thomas JH is actually funny).

A more general point however is whether the NQ is now suffering from a surfeit of comedians - back in the Hoggart days the mainstays of the panel tended to be a mix of journalists who were actually funny like Coren and Wheen (and Ian Hislop before he deserted to the TV version) with comedians who were semi-permanent fixtures.

More recently you've seen a parade of obscure comedians who just lever in gags from their standard routines and journalists who seem to have been picked more or less at random.

A few years ago the NQ was one of the things that kept me listening to Radio 4 all the way from Today to Any Answers (even including Home Truths as long as John Peel was still doing it) - now its something I auto-download to my ipod and can easily forget to listen to for weeks.