10 September 2011

Our Masters' Voices Then & Now

This morning, I was at Exeter University for the EPOP (Elections, Public Opinion & Parties) annual conference, where I gave a paper under the above heading.

In the not too distant future, I'll be posting a written version of it with a fuller story behind the video clips than it was possible to present in a 15 minute slot.

If you were there and would like to watch the clips again, here they are.

If you weren't, you might like to watch them anyway and guess what I might have been talking about - which, if you're a regular reader of the blog, shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

Since this appeared, the fuller story has now been posted HERE.


Roger said...

In the 80s news broadcasters let politicians speak for themselves (at least to the extent of broadcasting soundbites from speeches) and then more or less accurately summarised what they said

Now they literally talk over them (the Nick Robinson clip is priceless - Gordon should have turned round and shouted up at him to shut the fuck up) explain what they are saying, why they are saying it and what impact they think it might have.

Do I get a prize?

Max Atkinson said...

Thanks, Roger - good effort in working out half of the story. I won't divulge what the other half was until later That will give you or someone else a chance to work out what it is, whereupon I might even dish out a prize (or two).