17 November 2011

Sepp Blatter lands on a racist snake

In previous posts on the snakes & ladders theory of political communication (e.g. HERE and HERE), I've made the point that interviews (unlike speeches) hardly ever generate anything but bad news for politicians.

Strictly speaking, FIFA boss Sepp Blatter may not be a politician, but his ill-chosen words about racism in football are a classic example of the way in which a few seconds from a ten minute interview (which, if you can bear it, you can watch in full HERE) can land anyone on a snake that becomes damaging headline news.

Nor, of course, is it the first time that this master of the gaffe has made a fool of himself in front of a mass audience. I still think that the way in which, having appointed himself to present the World Cup to the winners in South Africa, he pushed President Zuma out of the way should have been grounds for his instant dismissal (below - and for more on which see HERE).

But he's still there eighteen months later and is, I fear, likely to remain as irremovable as ever...


Anonymous said...

What a gift this has been to the oh-so-politically correct B.B.C., and especially its unctious and long-winded presenter Ms, er, sorry Mr James Naughtie.
He has had a field day with this one, able to display his liberal and B.B.C. conforming credentials for all to see. Probably hoping for a pay rise, personally I would sack the pompous little windbag !

P K Munroe said...

It would be terrible if Sepp was to resign - not that I like him, but I've got all these Sepp Blatter face masks to flog: http://youcanstickit.blogspot.com