13 December 2011

A blog for all seasons

Although I took my laptop with me on a recent holiday in the Canary Islands, I found it surprisingly easy not to take it out of its case for a whole week. That meant no blogging, no tweeting and getting out of habit if doing either.

A further incentive to do neither came from the curious fact that, in spite of no new blog posts during that period, the number of blog hits increased dramatically - and now averages twice as many as usual.

All has now been explained by a bit of rather obvious research.

Three years ago, I posted The Office Christmas Party: roads to failure and success.

Two years ago, I posted Christmas competition:What did Santa say before 'Ho-ho-ho'?.

60% of today's visits landed on one or other of these posts after Google searches for things like 'christmas party speeches' and 'christmas santa'.

The moral of the story for bloggers wanting to attract more visitors seems obvious: go through a calendar of the year and devise 'topical' posts for all seasons that will be come up on search engines year after year after year after year. Whether or not I can be bothered, however, remains to be seen...

1 comment:

Conor Neill said...

Ho Ho Ho...

I know the dilemma. Just because it increases the number it it a "good" thing?

It certainly feels good when visitor numbers jump up... and for a few seconds I feel famous and successful.

I have been told by many "advisors" of the importance of writing SEO copy... and I don't do it. I write what I want to write.

I have been told that commenting on current affairs and then leading into your post can drive much more traffic (Cameron's veto... there you have it on your blog! and now in bold Cameron's Veto)

The people that matter will find you through the people in common. That is my belief.

The crowds that arrive when I write a post on Lady Gaga are unlikely to be buying any of my seminars. Not impossible, just highly unlikely.

But... a dilemma none-the-less.

My 2 cents. ;-)