20 December 2011

Does Ed Miliband's Christmas message to the forces work for you?

I don't think this quite works, but have yet to figure out exactly why.

Comments and/or suggestions welcome...

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Anonymous said...

There's a micro-pause in there which shouldn't be there:

'away from family and friends..at home.

It tells the brain 'this is read by auto-cue' and as a result is scripted, rehearsed and not quite as genuine.

Ed Miliband is not sitting upright vertically, but leaning back into the chair instead. This suggests he's taking it easy while the troops are out there fighting.

It's 2 minor things, but I think that's why it niggles the sub-conscious.

Anonymous said...

For me it is his head shaking between 7-17 seconds. Shaking ones' head in that way usually signals disagreement, so it doesn't quite connect with what he is saying? Surely nodding would have been more supportive of his message?

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a vicar delivering a the same sermon for the umteenth time.

On the plus side if you just listen rather than watch, the message is okay. Perhaps he needs to change camera operator.

Tim said...

It shouldn't be shot from above. It looks like he's he's lifting his head up from a game of Monopoly with the family or something - like he's being distracted from something else. He has to be on the same level as the camera or it just doesn't work.

Max Atkinson said...

Interesting and perceptive comments - for which thanks. But will Mr Miliband take any notice? Probably not now that he's hired a former aide to the Archbishop of Canterbury as his chief of staff...

Aaron Morton said...

I would say what is wrong with the message is that it is magnifying everything the troops away from home want to forget;
1. It looks like he is at home (they are not)
2. A picture of his family in the back with a nice Christmas tree in the corner (they will be away from their family)
3. And if that is not enough Ed reminds them that they are away from home so that the rest of us can enjoy Christmas with our loved ones.

Natalie Minnis said...

He's slightly sneering as he speaks, baring his teeth as dogs do when they growl, and I also spotted his head slightly turning from side to side. I'm sure these are unintentional gestures but they make the message seem insincere.

I generally like Ed's performance at PM Questions and think he comes in for more criticism than he deserves, but this clip shows a stilted performance and looks like a "let's just go with that one" take.

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Aberfa olwen said...

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Anonymous said...

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