5 January 2012

Interview exit strategies (3): Diane Abbott's mobile phone comes to the rescue

Today I have to thank Diane Abbott MP for adding to my small collection of politicians walking out of an interview (for others, see below).

This is the first one in which the interviewee's mobile phone came to the rescue at a particularly awkward point in the questioning - silent though the ring seems to have been.

Could it, I wonder, be a neat ploy that becomes a precedent for many more such 'escapes' in the future?

Classic interview exits:


Roger said...

Well according to labourlist it was actually Ed Miliband on the phone....

And as she has probably notched up more TV time than anyone else in the PLP I can't imagine her stopping an interview for anyone else.

If we can bury our distaste for her politics she was IMO also making a perfectly good defence here - the context is missing and she was talking about colonialist history in a medium which really does not allow nuance.

If she instead blogged these views in the sort of prolix academicese beloved of say the Archbishop of Canterbury there'd be hardly any issue at all - this really is a case where the medium became the message.

And however little time I have for her politics or her personality she is one of the few MPs who does seriously engage with ideas and deserves some credit.

Max Atkinson said...

Thanks Roger - but I'm not taking issue with what Ms Abbott may or may not have said, in or out of context. I was merely intrigued to see someone apparently getting a mobile phone call at an awkward point in an interview.

I say "apparently" because I couldn't hear it ringing.

Maybe it was on 'vibrate' or maybe, if it really was Mr Miliband calling (which I doubt), her phone has different vibrations for different people. Or maybe it was none of the above but was a neat ploy to give her a way out of the interview.