17 January 2012

Is it wise for Ed Miliband to play snakes and ladders with Jon Snow?

I'm grateful to Neill Harvey-Smith (@nhs999) for drawing my attention to this fascinating video clip via Twitter, where he tweeted "From the Ed Miliband treasure trove, media training lesson #24: don't do this."

The board had already been set up for the game by Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls with his Fabian Society speech and related interviews over the weekend (HERE) and now, three days later, his leader lands on this whopping snake - posted on YouTube very soon after the end of the Channel 4 News on which it appeared (as for what I mean by 'snakes and ladders', see HERE).

It vividly demonstrates the risks faced by an inexperienced interviewee when trying to hold his own against an old hand like Jon Snow and I suspect that Mr Miliband and the Labour Party must be very glad that Channel 4 News doesn't reach a mass audience.

I also think that a more technical analysis of Mr Milband's performance may well reveal some of the reasons why he's so far failed have a more positive impact on the wider public.

Watch this space...

Continued (18 January)
Jon Snow turned out to be one of several top political journalists who had been queuing up to take it in turns to interview Ed Miliband yesterday - all, judging from the background on the BBC, ITN, Sky News and Channel 4 News, in the same room.

ITN was able to edit out Tom Bradby's questions from the version posted on YouTube (below) - which would hardly have been possible with the frequency of Jon Snow's interruptions on Channel 4 News (above).

In the absence of any such things to irritate or distract Mr Miliband, he was able to produce a performance that came across as a good deal more articulate, coherent and assured than in his joust with Jon Snow.

YouTube scorecard so far:
Channel 4 News version: 3,201 viewers (22 Jan)
ITN version: 167 viewers (22 Jan)


Natalie Minnis said...

I like Ed Milliband. He looks young for his age and he lacks arrogance and pomposity - I think these are the reasons for a lot of the criticisms he gets.

I am impressed by his performance at Prime Minister's Questions. In this particular interview I noted the way he held his upper body very erect and avoided making unintentional physical gestures or verbal crutches. He is calm under pressure. I think he has the potential to be a great speaker, though he's clearly not there yet. I look forward to reading your advice for him.

I expect the Labour Party will get rid of him and replace him with someone more "heavyweight" or slick in the mould of Tony Blair.

Simon Lancaster said...

Note the hesitation at 4.06. Was he about to say, 'In actual fact, most of our money comes from Lord Sainsbury'...?