10 January 2012

Polish lawyer shoots himself while waiting for Miliband's speech

While I was waiting to hear Ed Milband's speech earlier today, I was seriously distracted by a macabre piece of news footage, in which a Polish lawyer shoots himself during a five minute break that he'd just requested.

And if that wasn't bizarre enough, he missed and, at the time of writing, is still alive (more on which HERE).

So anyone expecting to read about Miliband's 'relaunch' speech will, I'm afraid, have to wait...

Update, 11 January:
Injury 'not life-threatening' - interview from hospital bed HERE.

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Arthur Jenkins said...

Is there any chance of you having a look at some of the interviews by the Mccann's? Your perspective could help us all really understand why sometimes they might come off wrong and how they utilise their language at times!

There are lots of examples of interviews on youtube. The following being an example. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMp_Evmv4d4 at someone having an attempt at it!