19 March 2012

Kate makes her first speech as Duchess of Cambridge

At the time of posting, more than 300 people have watched this on YouTube, so here's a chance to predict which excerpts (if any) will be replayed on television news programmes this evening.

Comments (so far) by YouTube viewers include:

"The Duchess's First Speech Was Well Done. The Broken Up Speech Was Actually Done For The Children. Children Need To Be Able To Hear A Few Words At A Time To Understand A Speech. Well Done!!!!"

"Extremely annoying how she reads the script every 2 seconds, that was most likely written by her PR team."

"clear, professional, and sincere speech. job well done for being her first."

"speak up!"

"well done god save the queen."

But what do you think - and which will be the soundbite(s) for tonght?


Aaron said...

Awful. No conviction - it's like she had to be dragged there. Reading from a script to keep to time and to message is one thing, but she could have put some feeling in.

Unless this is some clever ploy to make us feel she is vulnerable and loveable.... [spoiler alert] she is not.

Richard I. Garber said...


I thought the Duchess did reasonably well for a first attempt. She didn’t freeze, or stutter, or fall over. Her pace was reasonable, and she only brushed her hair away once.


John Zimmer said...

Hi Max,

I thought that Kate did pretty well for her first time and being under a lot of scrutiny. There is no question that there is room for improvement but there will be other occasions, so time will tell.

Here's a more detailed analysis: http://wp.me/pwfa1-2ez