20 April 2012

Tony Blair on masterful form in Newsnight interview with Paxman

I've been frustrated all this week by the BBC website's erratic policy on deciding which of their video clips can be embedded on other sites and which ones cannot.

The clip I've been unable to post here - of Tony Blair's Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman on Monday night - will be available for a few more days on iPlayer.

If you didn't see it, I'd strongly recommend that you act quickly and watch it before it disappears (from HERE) , as it's an fascinating reminder of just how effectively he can (still) perform, even in an interview - and of how much he must be envied by his successors and their supporters.

Had I not wasted so much time looking for an 'embeddable' version, I might have been able to add an analytic comment or two, but that will have to wait until it becomes more readily available.

If any readers did make a video of it and/or stored it on their Sky box, you'd be doing a public service, at least for me, by posting it on YouTube, ASAP....


Appealing of Ealing said...

Yes, I saw that interview. Much as I despise the man, one has to acknowledge his talent as a communicator -- highly engaging, subtle and controlling within the medium. Makes the rest of them look like pimpled apprentices. They are apprentices.

The performance was peppered with subtle expressions of modesty and piety that we didn't see so much of in the good old days. This must be the preferred new image. Pity he turned out to be such a revolting character behind the mask.

Would love to read your analysis.

Garylanta said...

Does Tony Blair really believe he can make a successful comeback into British politics?