10 September 2012

A classic of barnstorming speechifying from Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan

Compared with some of the speeches he made in the run-up to the last presidential election, Barack Obama's acceptance speech at last week's Democratic Convention deserved little more than a B-.

I know this because BBC World got me to watch the whole thing and make a few comments on it the morning after he made it (and "few" was the operative word).

But there had been some quite startling speeches that were never seen on this side of the Atlantic, one of which was brought to my attention by my old friend John Heritage of UCLA, who's still keeping an eye on speeches and referred to this one as "a small classic of truly barnstorming speechifying!"


Julien said...

She takes surfing the applause to a NEW level. Presidential Candidate in 2016?

I played this at work and a concerned colleague sent me the following e-mail:

"Everything okay in there ? I hear lots of shouting!"

Jess Thaagaard Andreasen said...

I appreciate the rather cleverly crafted metaphorical "auto" universe. "(D) is for drive forward - (R) is for Reverse" - That's puntastic. :)