21 July 2014

How to mark the 10th Anniversary of Lend Me Your Ears?

Next month marks the 10th anniversary of this book of mine.

Suggestions on how best to mark it - e.g. with another book based on this blog and/or what - will be very welcome.


Anonymous said...

This may be a good book, but is its posting here a cunning ploy by the author to sell even more copies? And will any more buy it if he does? Can it be that easy?

Julien said...

How about a series of public speeches (happy to volunteer if you lack numbers!) to celebrate the way in which the book has led many to improvements in their own public speaking?

I very much like the idea of turning the blog into a book.

Anonymous may well be partially correct in his surmise that the purpose of this entry is to sell more copies of the book; but I hardly see it as a cunning ploy; nor do I see anything wrong with the concept!

Max Atkinson said...

Go for it Julien

Anonymous said...

Did this lose something in translation or is it a case of "Shurely shome mishtake here..."

DSA said...


Shurely shome mishtake here


Colin McLean said...

In good Hollywood tradition why not republish as Lend Me your (inserted: 2) Ears.

It's most certainly an anniversary worth celebrating. I still regularly hand out (signed) copies to willing readers at this end of the country, Max.