Latest press release by Ed Balls disguised as a speech to Thomson Reuters

Ed Balls Reuters speech – “Striking the right balance for the British Economy”

While top Tories like David Cameron and George Osborne have recently read our their press releases at Morrisons' distribution warehouses, today opposition shadow chancellor Ed Balls read out his latest announcements at Thomson Reuters in London - from which a gripping video excerpt can be seen HERE.

Whether or not this was a subtle Labour wheeze to move up-market from Messrs Cameron and Osborne is anyone's guess.

But, judging from the amount of noise from the Twitterati and elsewhere on the internet, the venue was a good enough choice for plenty of journalists to have made the effort to turn up, even if no one else was there.

So Mr Balls didn't have to worry too much about how he delivered his 'speech' (if it really was a speech), or whether the audience responded with any applause, booing or heckling - of which I heard none.

The unfortunate public can now look forward to more video clips of Mr Balls in action (action?) for the rest of the day on 24 hour and prime-time TV news programmes. Whether any of it will inspire any of us enough to be able to remember anything from it, I very much doubt...

Full script of the speech HERE.

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