13 October 2009

2009 Conference season summary

Quite a number of new visitors, to whom welcome, arrived here during the party conference season, which inspired, if that's not too strong a word, the following 27 posts.

You can link directly to them by clicking the title. The ones in italics include video clips or links to a video illustrating the particular point under discussion.

The TUC, where ‘fings aint wot they used to be’

Why is Mr Brown bothering to speak at the TUC?

Gordon Brown tries out a 4-part list at the TUC

Not the LibDem Conference –BBC website news

Clegg’s conference speech: ‘definitely OK, absolutely fine, without any doubt not bad’

Methinks Labour doth protest/spin too much

Gordon Brown goes walkabout (again)

Why doesn’t anyone warn politicians about becoming autocue automatons?

If Mandelson has to struggle to win applause, what are the Labour Party faithful saying?

Was it Mandelson’s self-deprecating humour that won the day for him

Brown surfs applause (briefly) before reverting to type

Gordon Brown: The way he told them

Gordon Brown on the morning after the night before

What do Harriet Harman and Sybil Fawlty have in common?

Reading between the lines of ‘Labour Vision’

Boris Johnson’s funny bits

Surely it’s time someone coached Cameron to use a teleprompter

What a peculiar Tory conference backdrop

The barmy Tory backdrop disappears & reappears

Does YouTube oppose the Tories and support UKIP?

George Osborne + Chris Grayling = Geoffrey Howe

Tory PR on the eve of Cameron’s speech: gaffe pr master stroke?

I was wrong about Cameron looking at screens

Cameron’s conference sound bite: ‘compassionate conservatism’

Cameron’s conference speech high spot: standing ovation for ‘surfing applause’

Surfing applause was Cameron’s high spot too

Contrasting reactions to Cameron’s ‘poverty moment’

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