5 February 2010

'New Statesman' on political speeches & speechwriting

An interesting article by Sophie Elmhirst on political speeches and speech writing has just appeared in the New Statesman magazine.

I can't complain about her quotes from me being inaccurate, even if some of them do make me sound like a grumpy old man recycling themes that will be all too familiar to regular followers of this blog.

However, given my extraordinary generosity in allowing her to spend half a day at one of my courses (without charge) I confess to being disappointed that none of my books got a mention.

So, by way of reciprocity, I've provided the above link so that you can read the article without actually having to buy a copy of the magazine!

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bravospeeches said...

One recent excellent political speech is Mayor Bloomberg's Aug 3 speech on the proposed mosque near ground zero. Regardless of your position, you have to agree this is a well written speech. Here's my take on the techniques Bloomberg and his team employed to make this perhaps his most memorable speech of his tenure: