4 February 2010

Translation news: Выступать легко: Все, что вам нужно знать о речах и презентациях

I've just heard today that the Russian translation of Lend Me Your Ears will be published on 19 February 2010.

If you can read Russian, you can check for further details of the publishers, availability, etc. HERE & HERE, and I'll be posting more details as and when I have them.


Two slight worries
  1. The name of the originating Russian publishing house is 'Nofun Publishing', which, at least to English ears, doesn't sound too promising.
  2. The title of the book, according to Google's automated literal translation, is To come out easily (with the same sub-title as the English version). Even though this might take it into new and unexpected markets, I'm rather hoping that the version given to me by the books translator - Speaking in Public is Easy is nearer the mark.
  1. News from my brother, who speaks Russian, about the mysterious title: "vistupat is a compound verb - 'vi' (= 'outwards') + 'stupat' (= 'move') - and it can mean 'walk out' but more usually 'speak out', 'make a speech'. "
  2. 250 Roubles = £5.24 (i.e. about half the price it is in the UK!).

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