4 January 2011

Labour leadership: from Welsh windbag to Doncaster droner?

Although this clip was posted on YouTube by ITN, I didn't see it featured in its entirety on any of the ITN news bulletins.

However, some Labour supporters must have thought well enough of it for Labour List to embed the whole 2 minute statement on their blog (HERE).

What surprised me about it was that Mr Miliband seemed to ramble on for so long about so little - in marked contrast with some of his much more pithy statements during the Labour leadership campaign, where, on at least one occasion (the Sky News debate), he stood out from the other the candidates as the only one who knew exactly how much he could say in the allotted 20 seconds.

As the second 'face to camera' statement I've seen from Mr Miliband over the past couple of weeks (see also his Christmas message) - neither of which struck me as impressive as some of his performances during the leadership campaign - it's got me wondering what's going on.

Does he have new advisors who think he excels at this form of communication?

Or has the Welsh Windbag, now he's been given his party back by the new leader, been allowed behind the scenes to transform him into the Doncaster droner?

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