14 July 2011

Do journalists working for Murdoch feel like Peter Cook's take on working for Beaverbrook?

A couple of days ago, when I came across the video of Rupert Murdoch refusing to answer a question about the News of the World, I mentioned that I'd been searching YouTube for something else - that I'd been reminded of by recent events.

It was the above sketch from Beyond the Fringe in which Peter Cook describes what it was like working as a journalist for a press baron from an earlier age - Lord Beaverbrook, thinly disguised as 'The Beaver'.

Having tracked it down and listened to it again, I can't help wondering whether it strikes any chords with journalists working for the Murdoch media empire fifty years later...

P.S. I've just realised that this is the 800th post since starting the blog in September, 2008.


Roger said...

Well found - plus it takes you to a whole load of Alan Bennett pieces which are an excellent way of whiling away a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Congrats on making it to 800 posts.

I often disagree with you politically but you are always truly illuminating on the (increasingly forgotten) technologies of persuasion.

Max Atkinson said...

Roger - thanks for the congrats on 800 posts and I'm glad you find some of my stuff 'illuminating'.

But how could you - or indeed anyone - possibly disagree with me 'politically' when this is so obviously a 'non-aligned' blog???