27 September 2011

Stand-up comedy from Ed Miliband

Is it a good idea for political leaders to have a go at doing stand-up comedy?

As regular readers will know from a post at the start of the conference season, I'm all in favour of viewers being allowed to hear more from the horses' mouths, so that they can draw their own conclusions about what they think of competing politicians - without having to depend ever more heavily on interpretations from media reporters and commentators.

But, although I do have a few thoughts about the above sequence from the opening of Ed Miliband's leader's speech at the Labour Party conference a few hours ago, I'm more than happy to let you reach your own judgements about it...

Conference season 2011 blogging update:


Aaron said...

Before standing up the polls said people thought he lacked gravitas... so he goes on the rampage with humour? Surely a mistake. Humour would have worked well for some of the points WITHIN the speech.

Humour is great to soften up a crowd. But this is his crowd. He could have gone straight in - avoided all of the playing. Sadly a lot of the humour didn't come off, either. His delivery was poor, which made him look even more goofy and nerdy (not studious and intelligent.. nerdy)

Roger said...

The beginning was so painful that I assumed that someone must have cracked and pulled that plug deliberately to cut off the broadcast.

And from what I did see he actually can do the serious bits with a nerdish intensity is not altogether embarrassing to watch - its just that he can't do any other register at all.

They really need to fast track the wonderful Stella Creasy or that 16-year old lad into Ed's place before it all comes horribly unstuck.

And several other front bench speakers also made ill-judged attempts at humour today - Angela Eagle compounded hers by trying to mock Sarah Teather's failure as a stand up comic.

Aaron said...

I agree with the comment about Stella Creasy - having heard her speak at an event she is currently the only Labour MP I would rate as a danger (as a Tory). I think she has cross-over appeal and will appeal to middle class home-counties types as well as the traditional Labour types. Harperson needs to push her.

Max Atkinson said...

Thanks to Aaron and Roger for your comments.

All I'll say (for now) is that I remember being told as a very young child that you shouldn't laugh at your own jokes. On the evidence of this clip, it appears that Miliband has never had the benefit of such good advice - and his advisors should, perhaps, have a word with him about it.

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