28 December 2011

Does Nick Clegg's new year message work for you?

Last week, I asked whether Ed Miliband's Christmas message to our armed forces worked for you, to which the comments received suggested that the answer was "No" (HERE).

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's 'New Year message' has raised the same question for me: "I don't think this quite works, but have yet to figure out exactly why. Comments and/or suggestions welcome..."


Mark Pack said...

My answer is "sort of" as explained over in my post about Nick Clegg's new year message

Neil Stockley said...

I'm a bit less positive than Mark I'm afraid.


Natalie Minnis said...

It comes across as over-rehearsed and stilted. And he looks miserable. He's trying hard to convince us, but he looks as if he knows he's not succeeding. He doesn't seem to be "feeling it" - the only bit that sounds passionate is when he says "What we're doing as a party, and as a coalition - it's not easy". I can feel his pain. But I don't feel his confidence.

Aaron Morton said...

- His eyes look glazed as you do when your reading something, but still trying to look at the camera.
- Too much emphasis on stats
- Too much emphasis on him and his party
- Its not human, its not a message either its a party political broadcast.
Max, would you see it as a bad thing if these politicians provided antidotes from their past year about meeting the local people or some kind of story that made them more human and examples of how they have the public in mind...rather than stats!

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Anonymous said...

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Kallen said...

Oh well, i think his New Year wishes is a little bit acceptable. Let's just wish everyone a happy new year!