Driving a car can make you seem younger than you really are

Free bus passes for senior citizens are all very well, but not for anyone who isn’t very keen on revealing their age to a wider public (e.g. me).

Our village bus stop is much busier than it was before free bus passes, but it’s also become like a rolling PowerPoint presentation, continually updating the list of who’s passed a certain birthday for all to see.

Familiar faces that have never knowingly been anywhere near a bus in their lives, let alone been seen getting on or off one, suddenly and shamelessly flaunt themselves at the bus shelter, openly advertising the fact that they too are now old enough to qualify for free bus travel.

And that’s precisely why I stubbornly insist on using my car, without regard for my carbon footprint or the ease with which I could avoid parking hassles by coming clean about my eligibility for a bus pass.

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Dante Mallet said...

Hmm... It does seem like the person who's behind the wheel is always thought of as a young person, maybe between the 20 to 40 age bracket. If you really want to drive your car and you still can, then go ahead. Take advantage of that extension of your home. Being in your own car feels a lot more like home than being in a bus, right?