The 250 posts landmark

I’ve just noticed that that yesterday’s post was the 250th since I first dipped my toes in the blogoshere nine months ago.

If the number of visitors hadn’t been steadily increasing and if there hadn’t been so many positive and encouraging comments and emails, I don’t expect I’d have carried on for this long – so many thanks to everyone for taking an interest and for giving me an incentive to carry on (at least for a bit longer).

Any suggestions about how to improve the blog, and/or which kinds of post you like best would be very welcome.

So too would any ideas about how to attract even more visitors.


Unknown said...

I've only just discovered your blog after reading a snippet in this months Total Politics. Lend Me Your Ears was, and I appreciate this sounds somewhat cliched, a massive eye-opener for me. When I read the quote in the magazine, I thought "This guys got a blog, I must read it". So maybe a bit more exposure in other media may bring others like me.

Max Atkinson said...

Thanks for this, Scott You are, of course, right about exposure in other media, but it's easier said than done.

I know from personal experience that a few minutes on a Radio 4 talk show can lead to such a sudden surge in book sales that the publishers have to reprint it.

But as for how you get a slot on the BBC's various Plug-Your-Book shows, like 'Start the Week', 'Midweek' and 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon', I've yet to come across anyone who knows and/or is willing to reveal the secret.

Unknown said...

I feel a bit daft for leaving that comment now. Of course you would have thought of that *slaps forehead*. Well let me regale you with a tale of why you should continue this blog. After I read Lend Me Your Ears my Wife went for an interview with the Mirror group. Part of the interview required a presentation and I battled with her to keep the Powerpoint slides to a minimum. She kept the slides low key and maintained the focus on her and what she was saying. When the Mirror Group eventually turned her down they said that they liked the presentation but felt that there should have been more slides.
I'm afraid that your work is not done.

Max Atkinson said...

Scott -Oh dear, that's quite the most depressing story I've heard about PowerPoint since I was told that it's now being taught in primary schools.

The only consolation is that there are some people, e.g. one of the reviewers of LMYE on Amazon UK, who say that it was the book that got them the job they really wanted.

But you're right about my work not being done. It is, I fear too late and things have gone too far (e.g primary schools) for us to be able to hope for anything more than a compromise solution, in which people start making more use of its plus points, like pictures, graphs, etc., and stop inflicting endless written lists on their audiences.