Is this blog 'LibDem' or 'non-aligned'?

Yesterday's news about being voted the 56th Liberal Democrat blog has really go me wondering whether I've been more partisan than I'd realised - given that I do try, most of the time, to be reasonably objective.

I'm also quite happy that it's listed as 'non-aligned' in the Total Politics magazine's types of political blogs.

Having checked through the 2% of previous posts that actually do mention the LibDems, I don't think any of them are particularly partisan. I hope readers will agree, but it's obviously up to you to judge for yourselves (those in italics include video illustrations):

On Vince Cable


David Cox said...

I agree this blog is non-aligned; however you are known as Paddy Ashdown’s speech mentor –it is no exaggeration to say you probably helped save the party. It’s easy to forget the situation twenty years ago the Lib Dems had been beaten by the Greens and there was speculation we might disappear from parliament, we had opinion poll ratings of below 3%!

As a young PPC in the then Tiverton Division, I remember Paddy Ashdown, very generously coming to speak. His oratory lifted the spirits of the troops, and inspired members of the public who had come to listen to join the party.

Max Atkinson said...

Kind words indeed, for which many thanks. You can say that, but I couldn't possible comment!