Does YouTube oppose the Tories and support UKIP?

While checking to see which of today’s speeches from the Conservative Party confeence had been posted on YouTube, I typed ‘tory party conference speech 2009’ into the search box.

As you'll see HERE, in the list of 22 videos on the first page of its response, eighteen were from the UKIP conference, one was of Gordon Brown, one of Nick Griffin (BNP) and one was a clip of Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics show.

The only Tory was chairman Eric Pickles with a trailer to the conference featuring clips from speeches by Margaret Thatcher.

Does this mean that political bias against the Conservatives and in favour of UKIP is built into way the YouTube search box works, or does it just reflect the number of times words like ‘tory’, ‘party’, ‘conference’ and ‘speech’ were mentioned by UKIP speakers at their conference?

Are there any geeks out there who can explain what it all means?

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