Listen with Mother Mandy: monarch-maker, Maggie-mimic or megalomaniac?

In case you're being distracted by the reviews of Lord Mandelson's memoirs that are still spewing out into the press and the blogosphere, spare a moment to watch tw0 extraordinary self-advertisements from the man himself.

Just in case you're näive enough to have thought that there might have been one or two other Labour MPs (not to mention back-room advisors like Philip Gould) who might have played a part in devising the 'New Labour' project, Mandelspin informs us that Blair and Brown "wouldn't have been in power without a third man" (i.e. him - 10 seconds in).

Taking a tip from Margaret Thatcher?
Mandelspin's willingness to revel in his 'Prince of Darkness' image must make him the first politician to adopt and exploit a nickname since Margaret Thatcher borrowed 'the iron lady' from the Russians to refer to herself.

He mentions it again in this next advert - for which I can only assume that he was coached by Rory Bremner:

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