13 August 2013

Should we worry that only 27% of England's cricket team went to state secondary schools?

On returning from holiday (and after quite a while of silence), I'm finally getting back to blogging - thanks to being bothered by a burning question about the composition of the England cricket team that's deprived Australia of the Ashes for a little while longer.

In the past, I've blogged about the problem of getting more non-public school boys into Oxbridge (HERE) and about my own failure in early teenage years to be noticed by the Yorkshire County Cricket Club (HERE).

Now, however, I realise that only three members (i.e. 27% - Anderson, Bresnan, Swann) of the England team that defeated Australia  yesterday went to state secondary schools.

All the rest, including those born in South Africa, went to independent schools.

So, although I've proposed what I believe to be a perfectly viable solution to the problem of how to open up Oxbridge admissions selection to more students from state schools, the problem of opening up selection to England's cricket team is not so easy -- other than to make sure, somehow or other, that more children in more state schools get the opportunity to play cricket.

But, with a Scot in charge of education, it's rather unlikely that Mr Gove will ever put cricket very high on his list of priorities...