4 December 2014

Former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe dies today

 Jeremy Thorpe

    It was the first time I voted tactically, having always voted Labour until then. But, as is quite well          known, I have voted for the SDP and Liberal Democrats ever since.

    Before the days of video tapes, let alone the internet, there's not much chance you'll see many
    examples of him speaking - except on tonight's prime time news programmes.

    And expect most of them to remind us of some scandalous and negative events in the life of an old    Etonian...
I once heard Jeremy Thorpe make a speech at a boys' grammar school in Wilmslow, Cheshire. just before the 1979 general election - long before I was in the least bit interested in public speaking as a subject worthy of research. And an extremely effective speaker he was.

Our reason for going to the meeting, apart from the fact that my late wife taught at Wilmslow girls' grammar school and we lived nearby, was that it was then a marginal seat.

The Labour party's sudden lurch to the extreme left had made us think of voting against the Tories, without actually voting for Michael Foot et al.