1 December 2014

Goodbye, alas, and Merry Christmas to Gordon Brown!

Gordon Brown
Former PM Gordon Brown has been a regular star of this blog - ever since my first ever blogpost, which included some tips for one of his party conference speeches that was originally commissioned by The Times.

Since then, I've posted low and high opinions of him (neutral, of course!) and will be very sorry indeed to see him go (to the House of Lords, we assume). 

Anyone who hasn't the energy to scroll through loads of individual blogposts about him are recommended to have a look at my latest book, which has all the political blog posts in it - and is readily available from Amazon .*

Further comments on his competence (or otherwise) as a PM, a speaker, a communicator, rugby player - or anything else - will, of course, be very welcome here and for my next book.

* This, and other posts shamelessly publicising my latest book, has/have appeared because my agent tells me that the receipt of 5* reviews on Amazon is the most effective way of selling books these days. So thanks in advance to any of you who can be bothered!